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Managing Herpex Simplex and Preventing Recurrence.

One thing about sexual relations is that the other person wants the assurance that they will not be dealing with a dire disease afterward and herpes is a reason enough for them to dump you. There is no need to kill yourself with worry if this is what you are suffering from because with the right medication you will be back to perfect health in no time. The first step towards recovery is understanding what you are suffering from. A lot of people wait until the situation is fully blown to seek treatment because they are too afraid of being judged. Note that future outbreaks and even a poor prognosis can be avoided if only you take the right medications. Ensure you have sought medical help early because you will be back to health swiftly. Cold sores are a common symptom and how you manage them will determine the scarring and progress. If you do not have enough money for creams to apply on the sores soap and water are enough.

Remember to expose the sores to air for faster healing and this means you should use ointments which are not heavy. It is good to see a physician before you decide the cream you will buy for the sores Genital sores will bring you a lot of discomfort which is why you should think of a way to make life more bearable and taking several warm baths a day may be your answer. To make sure you do not contaminate the sores and the rest of your body, you should have two towels, one for the rest of the body and one for the genital area. Wash your towels immediately after use and also ensure that you have a disinfectant. This might seem like unnecessary but if you do not want to be nursing the sores for a long time you will follow through.

After toweling, blow the area dry but adjust the temperature accordingly so that you do not burn the area. The warm air soothes and also dries out the sores to promote healing. Because circulation of air around the sores is crucial, avoid wearing tight or nylon underwear. Even though they are genital sores, if you touch them and other body parts the virus can be transmitted which is why you should be very careful. Remember to sanitize your hands after touching the sores. Recurrence is common which means you have to figure out the triggers and stay clear of them. The common triggers include poor nutrition, ill health, and stress.

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